Exclusive Partner

In 37.3 Grader ApS, we strive to put together an assortment of high quality and durable solutions. We are honored that our products are of high quality, thoughtful details and with great user comfort. Our suppliers are in the absolute top in terms of quality, innovation, comfort and durability.

Our products are continuously tested to the limit, by personnel, as through their profession, require the best of their clothing and gear.

We are Exclusive Distributors in Denmark for Uf-Pro, Lasting Sport and Vigor patches.

We are not-and will never be like the others.

No matter how you turn and turn it, products are what they are and nothing else. Here at 37.3 Grader ApS, we don’t take shortcuts or make easy solutions by misleading our customers. We always convey the up- and down sides of a product, no matter the Brand it’s important to us, that our customers can feel secure in buying our products. If we say that a product has a certain property - you can be assured that it’s correct.

If you do not want the truth, do not ask us!

Reasonable pricing

As with many other High-End products, the price usually follows the quality. It does not mean that a backpack for $ 50, - can’t be a "Good Purchase for Price," but you shouldn’t expect the world of it and certainly not that it "welds under water". Here too we always provide a good service and guidance that will clarify the product.

Trusted Supplier.

We have recently received a great deal of praise from our federal customer for being an extremely reliable business partner, whom you can always call if you want the honest opinion, correct description or confirmation of the characteristics of a product.

Thank you :) We are truly honored.


Most deep plates are invented.

Nevertheless, we create customized solutions based on your wishes. Whether there are changes to an existing product, a brand-new design or the product which has not been invented yet, we have the right Danish manufacture ready to help. 

Stay safe, stay protected

Henrik Kirkegaard


37,3 Grader ApS